Podcast Journey

Kaitlin and I started a podcast together after we started keto 3 and a half years ago. It was lots of fun and we were hoping to share our journey. Shortly thereafter I started a solo podcast on mindset. We continued our keto podcast as I shared mindset tips on The Metaphysical Mindset podcast butContinue reading “Podcast Journey”

Book review Boundless

Obviously not a quick read or in this case a short listen but definitely worth your time. If you are truly interested in a healthy and quality lifestyle this is a must read. Ben covers multiple lifestyle hacks. I can’t begin to talk about all of the practices he goes through but I would giveContinue reading “Book review Boundless”

Sunday On The Lake

So like so many other people our weeks are work filled and busy. In the current climate of virus fears and protest we have been keeping to ourselves, only going out for essentials. We have a pretty nice set up in our backyard with pool, hot tub,swings, fire pit, hammocks and lots of outdoor games.Continue reading “Sunday On The Lake”

Porch life

When the lockdown first went into effect we were told not to leave the house except for essentials. I had to leave my job to help out with the homeschooling of our four children. We had already made our front porch one of our most utilized parts of our house. Coffee in the morning, kidsContinue reading “Porch life”