Blood flow restriction explained

We are big proponents of BFR training

In the following interview Dr. Mike DeBord gives you the lowdown in blood flow restriction training

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Okay okay before we go thinking this is a Covid-19 post it’s absolutely not. As I did a short review of Ben Greenfield’s book Boundless and recently read Breath by James Nestor , both had a significant effect on my interest in co2 training.

I have had several years training with different breathing exercises from meditation, yoga, Kung Fu and breathing during fitness training. But this idea that increases in co2 tolerance could be beneficial to greater results in training along with an increase in red blood cell production and even cognitive benefits caught my attention

So I purchased a training mask to begin exploration. I have already spent a few weeks experimenting with breath techniques to get used to higher co2 levels by holding my exhaled breath longer and longer while making sure when I inhale that I am not taking an out of the ordinary inhale.

This will be an ongoing self experiment that I will combine with BFR bands training, cold thermogenesis and eventually a few other fringe biohacks in an attempt to see if I can increase my training gains and decrease my recovery time.

My goal is to be able to train harder and recover quickly. Yo while eating healthy during these self experiments to add lean mass and cut fat. I will let you know what happens and I will be documenting my journey.

Breasts and Why We Are So Determined to Cover Up?! — Kaitlin’s Take on Health, Family and Fitness

Breasts and Why We Are So Determined to Cover Up?! — Kaitlin’s Take on Health, Family and Fitness

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Book review Boundless

Obviously not a quick read or in this case a short listen but definitely worth your time. If you are truly interested in a healthy and quality lifestyle this is a must read. Ben covers multiple lifestyle hacks. I can’t begin to talk about all of the practices he goes through but I would give this book 5 stars easily. Go check it out for yourself.

Sunday On The Lake

So like so many other people our weeks are work filled and busy. In the current climate of virus fears and protest we have been keeping to ourselves, only going out for essentials.

We have a pretty nice set up in our backyard with pool, hot tub,swings, fire pit, hammocks and lots of outdoor games. The kids have bikes and scooters for the front yard time. We also walk the dog often. Our personal preference is to be outside and active so we are doing our best with everything going on.

So we are adapting to 2020. One of our newest hobbies is paddle boarding. We load up the family, a cooler with drinks and snacks and head out to the lake for some sun, fun, fresh air and exercise.

There is plenty of space for social distancing especially when we are on the lake. The kids get a chance to get away from the house and everyone has the opportunity to enjoy nature. It’s been a great get away from the new norm.

A blanket on the shore, a picnic in the cooler and lots of family interaction. It seems to be one of the only places that the kids don’t get on each other’s nerves. They are ju having too much fun.

It’s a process to load up and unload after we get back home but we have managed to streamline the process.

We are in Colorado and I know they summer will come to an end. As long as we have the warmer weather we will continue hitting the lake. We are discussing our plans for winter a fun already.

That being said, if you are looking for a fun, safe and enjoyable summer activity I personally recommend a day on the lake.

Porch life

When the lockdown first went into effect we were told not to leave the house except for essentials. I had to leave my job to help out with the homeschooling of our four children.

We had already made our front porch one of our most utilized parts of our house. Coffee in the morning, kids playing in the evening and relaxing with the occasional adult beverage on the weekends.

I loaded up the backyard with a pool,a hot tub,swings and a fire pit. For the first three months of lockdown we spent the majority of our time in either the backyard or the front porch. Honestly it wasn’t a problem. We naturally gravitated towards being outdoors and with the warmer temperatures it was a great way to spend the beginnings of the pandemic.

Backyard or front porch we were able to get fresh air and lots of sunshine. Bikes, skates and scooters kept us active.

Walking our dog Duke through the neighborhood was also a fun adventure for the entire family. We have made the best of it

All in all the pandemic sucks but honestly having this little slice of heaven that we already had as a priority space in our lives has helped immensely. So my advice to you is simply enjoy the porch life and make life whatever you want to no matter what life throws at you

Couples who work and train together stay together

I want to give a shout out to my beautiful wife Kaitlin Hartt for joining myself as a founder for B3science

We run a coaching business together and have added BFR training to our regimen. I have worked with B3science for a year and a half and it was time to bring her onboard with me.

We do everything in life together and I am looking forward to this next chapter

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