Okay okay before we go thinking this is a Covid-19 post it’s absolutely not. As I did a short review of Ben Greenfield’s book Boundless and recently read Breath by James Nestor , both had a significant effect on my interest in co2 training.

I have had several years training with different breathing exercises from meditation, yoga, Kung Fu and breathing during fitness training. But this idea that increases in co2 tolerance could be beneficial to greater results in training along with an increase in red blood cell production and even cognitive benefits caught my attention

So I purchased a training mask to begin exploration. I have already spent a few weeks experimenting with breath techniques to get used to higher co2 levels by holding my exhaled breath longer and longer while making sure when I inhale that I am not taking an out of the ordinary inhale.

This will be an ongoing self experiment that I will combine with BFR bands training, cold thermogenesis and eventually a few other fringe biohacks in an attempt to see if I can increase my training gains and decrease my recovery time.

My goal is to be able to train harder and recover quickly. Yo while eating healthy during these self experiments to add lean mass and cut fat. I will let you know what happens and I will be documenting my journey.

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