Porch life

When the lockdown first went into effect we were told not to leave the house except for essentials. I had to leave my job to help out with the homeschooling of our four children.

We had already made our front porch one of our most utilized parts of our house. Coffee in the morning, kids playing in the evening and relaxing with the occasional adult beverage on the weekends.

I loaded up the backyard with a pool,a hot tub,swings and a fire pit. For the first three months of lockdown we spent the majority of our time in either the backyard or the front porch. Honestly it wasn’t a problem. We naturally gravitated towards being outdoors and with the warmer temperatures it was a great way to spend the beginnings of the pandemic.

Backyard or front porch we were able to get fresh air and lots of sunshine. Bikes, skates and scooters kept us active.

Walking our dog Duke through the neighborhood was also a fun adventure for the entire family. We have made the best of it

All in all the pandemic sucks but honestly having this little slice of heaven that we already had as a priority space in our lives has helped immensely. So my advice to you is simply enjoy the porch life and make life whatever you want to no matter what life throws at you

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