Keto and Naked Yoga

So we recently started yoga together. It was not because we were abandoning our resistance training but simply an additional workout routine. We also added a core workout after yoga. Now I have several years of yoga under my belt, in fact I have been approached several times over the past few years to be an instructor, but I am a little bit rusty.

I have a very demanding job as well as my coaching business and the idea of fitting in another daily item wasn’t super appealing to begin with but what I found after beginning is that I actually started to look forward to it when we got up. So we have started a new habit. I am glad we did. Yes my wife and I do our yoga naked together while the kids are in bed but we do several things together naked. Yoga, tanning and hot tub time. It’s not necessary a sexual thing but we feel like it’s an intimate thing to share together. If you are married and are looking for a fun way to connect sensually and get some fitness in, I higher suggest giving it a try. You just might find another level with your significant other.








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