Moments in the sun

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and it is a beautiful day. The birds are chirping and the squirrels are playing. Yet you are stuck in your own mind. Thinking about the past, the mistakes and the struggles you have endured. You daydream about the future you desire. That perfect existence. That day of happiness.

You are missing the point. Life is great now. The moment. The total perfection. You spend so much time in your head that you totally miss the here and now. It’s like having your favorite meal cooked for you and dismissing the entire experience because your water glass has spots.

Learn to be grateful. Life has ups and downs but if you are not present in the moment you will miss those things that make life a blessing.

You decide what your life looks like. You decide whether or not you are happy. You are you and there is nobody in the whole wide world like you. So do what makes you happy but for happiness to truly take hold you really need to be present. Happy Memorial Day my friends.











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