It does not matter

In the end it doesn’t matter. We all go through life worried about this or that. The hustle and bustle of every day living. Worried about relationships, finances, health, family and careers. We spend so much energy stressing over the little things. We strive to build that perfect existence. Keeping up with the Joneses. It’s amazing how much we stress over this concept.

But let’s be honest. If your current relationship goes to hell there are over 7 billion people in the world. What are the chances that that one relationship is the only one that will bring you happiness. People deal in certainties. This has to be or my life is over. It’s bullshit, the only person who dictates your happiness is you. Job sucks, find a different one. Relationship sucks, move on. Finances suck, work harder. Health sucks, do your diligence and find what can help you.

This day and age of a victim mentality is unhealthy. You control your life. You decide what it looks like and you are the one who decides if you are going to be happy or not.

Live life, take responsibility and create the happiness you want and deserve.








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