My Experience With Being Interviewed for Carnivore and More

Nervous, maybe a little bit. If you read my previous blog you know that certain things kick up my speech issue. First time being interviewed on a podcast that I have listened to since the beginning, yeah a little nervous. On top of that I had to deal with a sinus infection. I sounded like a record player playing a scratched up record. That being said I am very happy with how it went down.

My struggling speech aside, my wife in contrast has a voice made for radio and podcasts, I believe the interview went well. She did of course sing often in her youth. The funny thing is that I did competition choir and competition duets prior to spasmonic voice changes.

Let’s go over the interview. The general point of it was that my wife and I are both bodybuilders who train together and eat a ketogenic diet and how we build our bodies on a diet that traditionally is thought not to be effective in this space. Another portion focused on us raising our children on a low carb diet.

The initial opening of the interview was a simple introduction to who we are. We are a couple who train five to seven times a week and have done so for twenty one months eating a low carb and high fat diet. The question was “why keto”? Our answer was simple. We initially started training together on a traditional “bro” diet. We made decent gains and is was a lifestyle of training and eating relatively well. Being new to the podcasts world I found podcasts. I was very familiar with the website as I had used it to track my progress and order supplements for years. One of the earlier podcasts had an episode talking about this ketogenic diet thing and how effective it was for cutting fat. It caught my attention and I began to dive into everything keto. We launched our keto diet in August 2017. The initial intent was to cut body fat but we soon began to feel the other benefits of the diet. Energy, lots of it. Mental focus and clarity. No longer hungry and desiring to snack all of the time. Prior to starting the diet I had a visit to the Dr where I was put on high blood pressure medication and told I was pre diabetic. After 6 months of keto I went back for a check up and my a1c had dropped to 4.7 and my blood pressure was under control enough to have the medication discontinued. My wife was on epilepsy medication and prior to keto was still having seizures. Six months after she hadn’t had one and asked the Dr to try a period without the meds. At this point we decided that this was no longer diet but our lifestyle.



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