Spasmonic WTH?

Everybody has multiple things that are out of their control. Life happens and we are the center of our own universe. Some people spend most of their lives living as victims, no actually they don’t just live as victims they actually build their entire identity around the concept. Definitely a bunch of fun people to go bowling with, the ball in the gutter and them explaining how they can’t catch a break in life. Anyways, then there are the optimistic ones. They tend to find that one sweet grape in the bunch of rotten. Now they tend to be a little bit more fun but let’s face it, fun may not be the best description, they generally have to be taken in small doses.

Where the hell am I going with this? Stay with me. Most people are in the middle of pessimistic and optimistic. On a scale of one to ten I place myself around an eight. Shit generally just doesn’t phase me. Perhaps it’s not a socially acceptable mindset but I focus on my life and my family.

So why a blog? That’s a fair question. People write blogs about anything and everything. Dogs, cats and even ugly sweaters. People are unique and use these things to share their crazy passions. So what’s my deal? Spasmonic dysphonia. It’s not socially acceptable to judge people but it happens. I am not talking about the guy in a dress or the autistic child, judging that just makes you an ass. Let’s face it though, there are those who get judged by they way they look, they clothes they wear or by the way they carry themselves.

If you managed to stay with me this far I guess I might want to get to the point. Although in all fairness this is my blog and laying in bed like a furry little sloth is allowing me to take my sweet time. So yeah, I have a bachelors degree, lots of certifications and decades of life experience. I feel pretty good about my knowledge. I tend to score high on test without doing the homework. Knock me off this cloud but hell I am fairly intelligent. Stop being a dick you might say. No I don’t come across as a high and mighty man in person, in fact I am generally quiet and a pillar of confidence. Here is my uncontrollable circumstances that I do my best to not be a victim to but I do not always win.

Imagine being a fairly popular fifteen year old boy. Choir, wrestling and pretty good with the girls. Now Imagine that around that time frame you go from a choir worthy voice to sounding like a record player playing an album with a shit ton of scratches on it. Yup that’s spasmonic dysphonia. I could not get out a sentence to save my life. Fast forward a couple of decades. After years of living with this fun and exciting vocal issue I tried the standard treatment, botox injection in the vocal chords. Yeah buddy. By the way I was working for a dementia unit as a medication administrator. Yup giving drugs to the patients. So I went in on a Friday to get the botox and went home a couple of hours after the procedure. So yeah that didn’t work. The next six weeks of my life my vocal chords were paralyzed. Imagine the fun I had.

Fast forward to today. I have been able to manage it to the point that it rarely is noticeable. The exception tends to be if I get nervous or if I am exhausted. We started a podcast and yeah I was nervous and yes there were a few hickups in my voice but really nothing major and I know after a few times I will be comfortable and all will be well. Shit shit shit so we were also interviewed by a carnivore podcast and not only was I nervous but also wasn’t feeling well. Yup felt like high school again. So if you want to know why I decided to blog, there you go. I have a lot to say and I can babble here with no hickups. Yes this will have some keto stuff and of course some BFR training stuff but it’s more than just that. This is my platform to share my journey. Next up is sardines, tattoos and naked tanning.

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