Success Turn The Page

Alright, let’s get this journey started. Who am I? Hell I am nobody. I am just a guy who happens to be very happy and kind of successful in all areas of my life. As I drive around in circles, the rain falling gently from the dark clouds above, the thought of success becomes clear as mud. The truth is that it boils down to perspective. So let’s explore a few chapters of my personal success. Let’s turn that first page, up in the front of my story is my relationship. First off let me say that I don’t do boring or vanilla. I was that guy who bounced from relationship to relationship, and I was married to a very boring and vanilla woman for a while. Not my cup of tea. Currently I am married for a second time. Spare me the I married my best friend speach. My wife and I do everything together. We have each other’s logins and passwords. After being together for over six years and rarely being apart we still send each other naughty pictures almost every day. I am not saying this to sounds like deviants but I am simply saying that we are still in the honeymoon phase and have no desire not to be. We own a business together, we train at the gym together, we cook together and we parent together. Turn the page. The next chapter is just as successful but will be brief as my little monkeys will not be the emphasis of this blog. First the oldest boy, our future engineer. The oldest girl , our future artist. The youngest boy, the future CEO. And the youngest girl, definitely a future princess social media influencer. Turn the page. Let’s talk health. I am an middle aged man 45 years young. Nearly two years eating keto and many years of gym time. Last doctor visit has my labs looking like a healthy 25 year old man. So yeah I definitely feel like I have found a successful way to not only maintain health but to improve it as well. My beautiful wife fifteen years younger can attest that being healthy has a great impact on our relationship, libidos and love life. Use your imagination. Turn the page. Financially speaking life is good. Business is growing like a beautifully tended garden with limitless potential.

A long winded introduction to myself indeed. This blog is my personal journey of life and I invite you to step on the trail and enjoy the scenery.



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